Smart NBS Solution is an innovative company founded by University of New Brunswick students and alumni from Electrical & Computer Engineering and Business faculties in 2015.

The main objective of this company is to provide an Artificial Intelligence platform for the concept of smart cities in term of asset management, tracking facilities, and scheduling tasks/operations for public services such as snow plowing and garbage collection as well as the private services like trucking or shipping industry.

Artificial Intelligence Routing Virtual Assistant (A.I.R VA)

Save time and money with our Artificial Intelligence Routing Virtual Assistant

Tracking & Routing

We use the modern technology like cell phone or tablet (no additional hardware, installation and maintenance cost ) to track vehicle and send the tracking data through the data plan compare to the the traditional GPS tracker install on the vehicle.

Our technology providing smart algorithms ; considering elevation of the road, wind ,traffic to find the best route to minimize the service time and gas consumption. The nature of the adaptive artificial intelligence makes our system flexible to the surrounding conditions.


Our system continuously learn from past operation and apply for the better prediction for the current and future operation. It also provides various types of analytical reports by analyzing patterns of the operation and considering the surrounding factors.

Vehicle Detection

One of the main challenges in law enforcement for safety is the detection of valid motor vehicle inspection (MVI) and registration, which is mostly visual now either by the personnel or camera. With our wireless identification hardware installed on the vehicles, the law enforcement can easily identify the moving vehicle and verifies its registration, MVI validity or any other information related to that vehicle in the database.